Seeing as how this magazine
Was clearly created
For those of superior intelligence, 
I figured I should be in on the game. 

The pages were heavy and deep, 
Filled with myriad analyzations of multifaceted topics 
I scarcely knew existed. 

What uses to a participatory democracy 
Do these cerebrations employ 
When we are governed by duplicitous morons 
Who will never read these pages 
Or consult the experts whose insights lie within? 

I continued reading until stopped cold by the phrase: 
“The predicament is multipronged. . . .” 

Clearly, this dialogue had pierced the stratosphere 
On its way back home to some alternative universe. 

Several pages ahead an advertisement 
For a “Darwin Panama.” 

    A warm weather hat with Australian styling, 
    Handwoven in Ecuador from toquilla fiber.

O what “On The Origin of Species” hath wrought.

~ Russ Allison Loar
© All Rights Reserved